Wedding spring: pros and cons of

One of the most beautiful events in the life of any person is a wedding. However, in preparation for the main event, many disagreements arise that it is best to solve by discussing all the pros and cons of the spring wedding.

The main minus is unpredictable spring weather. Snow lies on average until mid -spring, and in March and April it is still quite cold for walking without outerwear. This also includes puddles and dirt in which wedding outfits can get dirty.

The second minus is religious. If the newlyweds plan a wedding, then you should know that in fasting, the wedding is not carried out. Great Lent is just in the spring. In addition, it should be noted that some of the inviters to the wedding may fast. Therefore, when planning a banquet menu, it is necessary to add lean dishes that exclude animal products. The most disciplined Orthodox can refuse to visit the celebration, as it is sinful to have fun in the post.

The third minus includes superstition. To marry folk signs in the spring means to doom yourself to wanderings, in a foreign land (March), unstable happiness (April), and the Mayata life of spouses (May). At the same time, weddings organized on Red Hill predict a happy family life to the newlywed.

But these three disadvantages are relative, but the advantages of spring weddings are more accurate and in terms of quantity exceed the minuses.

The main plus of spring weddings is the beauty of waking up nature, young leaves, in -flowering trees that exude wonderful aromas. Wedding photographs against the background of flowering bird cherry, lilac, apple tree or in a green meadow surrounded by yellowish dandelions will delight the spouses all their lives.

A more pragmatic advantage of the spring wedding is the lack of excitement in the registry office. Since the peak of wedding celebrations falls on the summer and autumn who want to register their marriage in the spring much less. However, there is an exception, since among the newlyweds there are a lot of people who want to get married on a red slide, the celebration of which falls on the first Sunday after Easter. For the same reason, the bride and groom can count on the lack of great demand for the best restaurants of the city, Tamad, artists, musicians for wedding and other participants in the celebration.

It is important that in the spring the number of brides in the most popular places for photo shoots is not so great. After all, every bride wants to feel the only.

Another plus can be considered a low season of vacations, that is, it is unlikely that guests will prefer a visit to their journey to their journey.

These are only the main pros and cons of spring weddings, for each pair of newlyweds there will be much more of them. The main thing is that the number of advantages exceed the number of minuses.