We celebrate New Year in Paris: 6 important little things

The New Year in the French capital for a Russian person remains an unified event, since there is no such familiar amount of snow and the popularity of tangerines is not high. And the French, as true Catholics, prefer Christmas more. But, nevertheless, Paris on New Year is also ready to surprise!

Christmas markets and New Year’s illumination

During the holidays, the most interesting place in Paris is the Champs Elysees. It is there that you can see amazing wooden houses with a huge assortment of Christmas toys and jewelry, various gifts and souvenirs. Here you can drink hot wine and treat yourself to delicious sweets. You will also be pleased with the festive illumination of the main street and many unusually decorated Christmas trees.

Living windows

The favorite attraction of tourists in New Year’s Paris is the windows of the Lafayette and Printemps trading houses, the facade of which comes to life with the help of extraordinary illumination and small puppet performances. On the BEBI website.LV can be found out how beautiful it is to celebrate the New Year in Paris 2014, having managed to get around all the local trading houses.

Christmas tree – where without her?

In addition to the tangerines and salad Olivier, the main tree of the city is important for a Russian person. In Paris, this can be seen before Notre Dame, where during the Christmas worship in the manpin, the baby appears as a symbol of birth to Jesus Christ.

Ferris wheel, rink and children’s dream of Paris

All New Year’s lights of Paris can be viewed from the Ferris wheel, but you can ride skates near the city hall of the city. Disneyland also offers its new year program, from which neither children nor adults will remain indifferent.

Weather for the New Year in Paris

The only minus in New Year’s Paris is the weather: the average temperature awaits you, wet snow or even rain, dampness and dirt. Therefore, you should not take walks in the parks on New Year’s Eve.

New Year in the rays of the Eiffel Tower

This is a dream, if not everyone, then many! In the fireworks of emotions, forget about the New Year itself, since it often happens that the salute has been canceled, and no one gives other identification signs about the end of the year. And remember that all the celebrations end at three in the morning.