Traveling with infants: tips for an active mother

Caution, the sun

The child’s skin is incredibly sensitive to ultraviolet rays, so you should not be under the scorching sun with it. Plan the day so that in the shade you spend a midday heat, and the skin should be lubricated with sun -protection special children’s cream.

Little tricks

On the trip, shod the proven comfortable shoes. Considering local attractions, in an unfamiliar territory, and even on the hands of a child, there is a risk of stumbling or stumble. You need to be sure that you can always keep your balance.

Your wardrobe should complement a wide scarf that will come in handy if, in the presence of strangers, it will be necessary to feed the child, and also, if a strong wind begins, then the baby’s head can also wrap him. On a child and it is better to wear jeans or other not marking clothes (unplanned little troubles may happen). Then say thanks to yourself for the prudence.

Mama traveler needs a share of healthy egoism

Traveling with a child, the key to success will be mothero good mood. Therefore, it is not worth turning into a caring hen, and the whole trip is not at all necessary to look after the child at all. Do not forget that the trip is a great opportunity to forget about everyday routine. Give this opportunity to your beloved. In the case of traveling with friends or relatives, “blazing”, without embarrassment, they will understand their child with joy, you will have the same time to think about your appearance, chat with new people or do shopping. Dress a new beautiful dress, because in it you really like your husband. Jeans are certainly more convenient, but leave such clothes on weekdays. A baby who sleeps in his stroller will make it possible to sit carefree in some comfortable place, next to his beloved, enjoying a new environment and leisurely.

It is important to consider annoying realities

The change of diaper is probably the most critical issue during traveling with an infantryman around Ukraine, but the issue is resolved. There are many restaurants and cafes in large cities, where, having entered the toilet and taking with you a one -time diaper and reliable dad’s hands, you can easily make a trick called “Destail Change” quite easily. When the street is warm, then you can cope with this in the park on a bench. If mom went on a trip alone, then asking for help is not worth being shy. Only with one species a little man has a little man to himself, and is hardly able to refuse mom to help a little crumb.

Cognitive and funny travels we sincerely wish you and your wonderful little crumbs! Do not hesitate, and feel free to go on the road.