Things that are better to throw away

The wardrobe of every girl is the cabinets of a real treasure of skirts, dresses, shoes, jeans and any other clothes. But often cabinets break from unnecessary things. If you, as it should, rummage in your wardrobe, that you will find that most of it is a completely unnecessary mountain of clothing for you.

Getting rid of unnecessary things, you free up a place for everything new, so you can easily part with everything that is already close to you as a memory, but does not have practical application. So, what should you get rid of?

one. Things with defects. For example, a skirt cracked at the seam, which has lost color after washing a blouse, sitting down Pulover. If you have not corrected the defect over the past few years, if the thing was still restored, then who told you that you will do it in the coming week? Most likely, you will never wear a thing with a defect. So why do you need it in the closet? This is especially true of things that are already definitely not to fix anything.

2. Unmarried things. If you once bought yourself shoes with a colorful pattern and it was the last peak of fashion, then it has long passed. Now they don’t wear it anymore. Why is this thing dusting on your shelf? You think that in a couple of years it will return to fashion? Maybe, but definitely not your shoes.

3. Things are not in size. You could get better (fashion for full women), could lose weight. Your body may constantly change. But do not keep in the closet things of all sizes “just in case”. Too often and sharply you will not change anyway. Give things to someone who is more needed now than you.

four. Inappropriate things. Once a sports jacket was perfect for you in style, but now you are a business business woman and your wardrobe should have appropriate things. If any thing does not suit you at all, she does not place her in your wardrobe. Here we include things that we put on only a couple of times and now they are just gathering dust. There is no sense in keeping them either.

Now, having dismantled your wardrobe, look what things you really need, and how much trash you need to throw away. But do not be afraid to part with old clothes, for you only your impeccable appearance should be in the first place.

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