The right choice of the bath

Without a doubt, the main object of the bathroom is a bath, not a shower cabin, but a bath! It should be said right away that the operational periods of the bath are at least 15 years. This should be taken into account when the choice of the model. After all, buying such not cheap equipment occurs for a long time. So the issue of buying is quite serious and thorough.

Baths are of different types:

– cast iron;

– steel;

– acrylic;

– Stone.

In stores that specialize in plumbing, you can find a lot of bathtubs. They will differ both externally and in their functional features. It is necessary to clearly understand that the issue of choice is not only in durability, but also comfort, as well as the appearance of the bath should be pleasant.

Based on this, you should learn in advance about the advantages of a particular bath.

Traditionally, a cast -iron bath is quite popular in our time, although the choice of other baths from other materials is quite large. But we all know the cast -iron bath since childhood.

Cast iron in its properties is a very durable material. Plus everything else, it perfectly retains thermal properties, and accordingly warm water in the bathroom will last longer than any other material. One minus that can be distinguished for a cast -iron bath is that it is quite heavy. But at the same time, a plus appears, namely, that based on her impressive weight, it becomes much more stable than her brothers.

One of the cheapest types of bathtubs is steel products. In many ways, steel baths are similar to cast iron and the only difference, this is their weight. Due to the enameled coating, it is almost impossible to understand the cast-iron bath before the eyes or steel.

Without a dispute, steel and cast -iron bathtubs are much stronger than modern acrylic bathtubs. Although they are not so fashionable and not so ultramodern. Cast iron bath manufacturers or steel offer not only standard forms, but also round and other forms of baths.

As mentioned above, acrylic baths have relatively recently become popular. And they are already in many houses. At its core, such baths are plastic, but a reinforced mesh is used to strengthen them. The quality of such a bath can be determined by examining the acrylic layers on the bathroom. The properties of acrylic are such that you can make a bath of any shape or any colors. Acrylic baths do not lose their color over the years. They do not cloudy and do not change the shade like cast -iron and steel.

Minus the bathroom from acrylic, such that it is not so resistant to all kinds of damage. Enamel in this case will be better than acrylic.

Already on the market there were completely new baths from new material called Kvaril, which includes two mixtures – quartz sand and acrylic.