The rarest flowers in the world

Some of them disappeared and were again accidentally discovered by people, and people did not even know about the existence of others. I suggest you consider five rarest blooming specimens of our planet.

Gibraltar Smolevka

This small purple flower was considered a long -disappeared legend of legends. So it was until 1994, when a certain curious climber did not find this nugget among the lifeless rocks of Gibraltar. Now the seeds of plants are stored in the bank of the millennium, as a legacy for future generations. They grow a tar in only two botanical gardens: Gibraltara and London.

Jade vine

You know why she was called that? This plant has an unnatural turquoise-nefritic color. Claw -shaped flowers of vine pollinate bats that adore jade nectar. Today, this beauty is threatened with disappearance, since during the years it has been methodically exterminated by people.

Chocolate space

Finding this Mexican flower in the wild is now impossible. It is believed that it disappeared more than 100 years ago. But in 1902, an analogue of the plant was bred, which does not give fruit. We can see beautiful large and bright flowers of space today, inhaling its vanilla aroma.


This is a rare Hawaiian tree flower. Big and white. He was considered to be disappeared twice, like that tree on which it grows. And now they waited. In 1978, the last existing Kokio tree was destroyed by a forest fire. But the cheerful selectors decided to maintain beauty for the world: the surviving branch of the charred tree was instilled in other trees. We hope this will help to revive the Cokyo Hawaii open spaces.


This flower grows in Asia, but to meet it or see how it is almost impossible. Firstly, these plants are very few. Secondly, the cadopul blooms very rarely, at night, immediately after flowering, dies. According to legends, on the night of flowering, forest gods give it to Buddha.

Unfortunately, on our planet more and more plants become rare or go into the category of disappearing. Of course, buying seeds of flowers of these species in the near future will not work. Let’s hope that people will change their minds and will fight for each individual flower or bush. This is our past and future.