Sexual compatibility of partners

Ah, how often our desires do not coincide with our capabilities! For example, we have a handsome guy in our mind. And he is good to all – a sweet smile, a mysterious look, a voice with a hoarse. And now he already invites you on a date, and a little later you are in the same bed ..

And then a chubby animal called “arctic fox” can come to your life. And as luck would have it, it is difficult to predict who will not suit you sexually. And how many such inconsistencies are in general?

Sometimes, having dragged a man to bed, the woman understands that in front of her is an uncouth murple, which the phrase “preliminary caresses” shugs, and all the prelude lies in several short kisses and accurate filming of clothes. Indeed, for a woman, making love is a whole sonata, filled with words, smells, movements and touch. For a man, this is often just a reason to put another cross. If this happens suddenly in your marital life, we advise you to openly talk to your partner in order to prevent the repetition of such a “mechanical” act.

It would seem that the only thing that cannot be characterized by the problems in sexual life cannot be accurately is ornithology. But no! Owls and larks never converge together in bed scenes, but only in family battles. For example, he wants to go to bed early, having passed her married duty in the morning. And in the morning it would be good for her to have time to cook his breakfast and wash his head, and what kind of love with uncleaned teeth? Of course, here you can find compromises, for example, do it at a time when both are still active and do not want to go to bed. But if this is not possible, then it is best to part, and not to torment each other with eyes red from lack of sleep.

Sometimes a cute guy whom you saw in a park with a book in your hands can have a whole set of handcuffs and whips at home. And on the first night you may well be chained handcuffs to the battery. Fans of “50 shades of gray” will only sigh enviously, but in reality everything can turn out to be different – all your desire will disappear from pain, and the partner will consider it an interesting game. Then he is a direct road to consult a sexopathologist, where they also treat all kinds of psycho -emotional disorders and perversions.

There may be another situation – when there are two loneliness. She just broke up with the anniversary fiftieth a couple of months ago, and he looked at her as a potentially third. And in bed she is a playing cat, calling the male with a loud meow, and he is a bashful fifth -grader, accustomed to the darkens to look for a naked silent log. And here a wave of desire can roll ashore bed … And leaving, leaving on the sand of despondency two naked annoyed people.