Rest with children on the Black Sea

The Black Sea is the warmest sea of ​​Russia. This is the most suitable place to relax with children, especially if the child is still small. The resorts of the Black Sea coast are suitable even for babies for two or three years. There are plenty of places for summer holidays on the Black Sea coast, it is difficult to choose a resort that is best for a vacation with a small child from all this variety.

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the beach. Sandy beaches with a shallow entrance to the sea are suitable for kids. These requirements are quite satisfied with the beaches of Anapa. Anapa has long been considered the best place for children’s vacations. This is the largest children’s resort in Russia. There are many boarding houses, sanatoriums, hotels and hotels both in the city itself and in the suburbs (Utrish, Sukko, Dzhemeta, Vityazevo, etc.D.). In addition, Anapa has an infinite number of interesting places where you can take the kids. This is the oceanarium, where many freshwater and marine inhabitants are represented, and the water park, and the dolphinarium, and the huge amusement park. Anapa created the best conditions for family holidays.

Another unique place on the Black Sea coast is Crimea. For relaxation with kids, such Black Sea cities as Evpatoria and Theodosia are best suited. Evpatoria will delight the kids with the sun, sea and tender sand. Leisure with children can be held by visiting the dinopark, where an exhibition of dinosaurs is presented. It will be interesting to take a walk with the kids along a fairy -tale street, there are children’s playgrounds, figures of fairy -tale characters, a hut of Baba Yaga. Evpatoria attractions park is one of the largest on the Black Sea coast. After Evpatoria, Feodosia is considered the most popular place for family holidays. But it is worth considering that Theodosius is quite a large and noisy city.

Rest for the baby at sea can bring him not only fun, but also health. It is better to go to the sea with a child in August. It is desirable that the duration of the rest is at least three weeks, about a week of this time will go to acclimatize the baby. When going to rest on the sea, you need to learn in advance about living conditions, food, distance to the sea.