Plastic decoration care

Bright and practical plastic jewelry came into fashion in the late seventies of the eighties of the last century. The beauties of the last century adorned themselves the most unusual and bizarre massive earrings, bracelets and beads of various shapes, colors and sizes.

At one time, plastic jewelry was fashionable for very large sizes, and after some period of time they became more elegant and exquisite. Closer to the nineties, plastic jewelry almost disappeared from the caskets of fashionistas. And last year and the current summer season, a fashionable trend again is a massive plastic jewelry. You will not believe it, practically get your mother’s bracelets and do not buy!

Modern designers offer in combination with the style of your clothes to wear jewelry both day and evening. You can combine medium -sized bracelets with massive, bright in shape and style of execution with jewelry. Products from plastic beads inserted into knitted bracelets – Pandora and Shambhala – now you can see both young girls and older women. And even some exquisite exclusive handmade jewelry and other jewelry of Odessa from beads, substitutes for pearls, enamel and artificial stones – all this is nothing more than plastic.

What do you think, at what age a woman needs jewelry? Your daughter has already been at one and a half to two years old not only to look at my mother’s treel, but also to try all the charms of decorative cosmetics. And if mom wears beads, then soon your reduced copy will walk like an African all in beads, while everyone should admire her taste, style and beauty. And since the baby will certainly ban the beads in their mouths, including their own, for security purposes, you can advise you to keep them, first of all, away and higher from a small fan of jewelry. If you have the opportunity, you should lock all your jewelry for a certain period of time. She will still fall into “curious” pens and mouths even on her mother’s neck, because the daughter will ask for her hands precisely for this purpose.

And since mom can definitely use perfumes or other cosmetic sprays or creams, then plastic jewelry that accidentally fell into a small mouth, it would be desirable to keep clean.

When caring for plastic products, you should use just warm water, but for the power of safety you can add baking soda. Then rinse and dry with paper towels. Wiping with a damp cloth will give the same positive result. And if you wrap jewelry with chalk or tooth powder with a drop of ammonia, it will shine in the sun.

Save your decent jewelry, and they will also come in handy for your daughter!