Neoparro style in the interior

Everything is new, this is well forgotten old. This famous expression will probably never lose its relevance. Recently, for the situation of residential and not only, premises, a style called neo -Barrocko began to be actively used, which immediately came to taste due to its grace and sophistication.

After decades of minimalism, when absolutely all the superfluous was removed from the interior to the extreme stage of maximalism, when it was drawn to the apartment, absolutely that it was possible to get. A style has come, which combines luxury and decoration of the century before last and at the same time bases all this on modern materials.

The Baroque era has been present in Europe from the second half of the nineteenth to the beginning of the twentieth century. She has a luxury of decoration in the decor, many curved lines and smooth forms. Naturally in those days, there were no concepts of synthetic materials. Then only wood, metal and glass were used. Therefore, in our time, if such a decoration is completely restored to the smallest trifles, it will rather resemble some kind of museum, but not a dwelling in any way.

The solution in this matter was a new style, immediately named as neo -barroacro. Thanks to modern unified materials, it is possible to combine the trend of two eras. And as you can see, everyone had it to taste. Bursting into our lives, this style seems to contain retro elements, but at the same time they look stylishly and originally fit into the general background.

This new direction, as well as it founded, has common features. For example, chandeliers with candles and smoothly bending branches. But if a hundred years ago, such an lighting device was made of heavy alloy and candles were installed real. Then now for lighting devices light alloys based on aluminum are used, and instead of candles naturally electric lamps.

Fashion trends did not bypass the pieces of furniture. Classic sofas with curved backs and legs are again in fashion, but at the same time embroidered with bright synthetic fabrics. Chairs and chairs that seem to have also the appearance of those times, however, corrected by the skill of a modern designer. In addition, this style even managed to leave an imprint on the elements of household appliances. Almost every interior store offers radio receivers stylized at the beginning of the twentieth century, however, at the same time reading information from any carriers. As well as stationary phones of the corresponding type, however, instead of a set disc, having a digital keyboard.

Such a section of an apartment like a bathroom did not stand aside. Neobarojo also made its own adjustments, noting in the form of mixers stylized under brass and having yellow color.