Lush forms – not a sentence

On every corner we are told that an unhealthy thinness is a sign of an ideal figure. This stereotype is so fixed in society that it slowly goes into mania. Why don’t we recall that before the woman was appreciated for the presence of forms, and not for their absence. This is not a call to pounce on all kinds of food and increase volume in the most inappropriate places.

A glorious proverb comes to mind: “They meet on clothes …””. She does not need, firstly, everyone knows the ending, and secondly, this article is not at all about mental abilities. Any lush forms can be decorated with a correctly selected thing.

First, pay attention to what will help to visually reduce such forms. Matte fabric, such as dense knitwear, jersey, costume fabric, ideal for concealing excess volume. However, if you are a lover of abundant decoration in clothes, then you should stop your ambitions. Bows, large flowers and ornament, ornament will be more harmful than benefit. Do not despair, believing that from the lack of these parts, the outfit will become faded and boring. A variety of accessories will come to the rescue here. Cervical shawls, exquisite brooches and other jewelry – will change the image beyond recognition. The main thing is to remember the “golden rule”: the larger the figure, the larger the jewelry should be.

As for the color, it is no secret that the black color is slim. In addition to this shade, you should pay attention to the purple tone, brown, burgundy, dark blue, etc.D. Bright colors are better not to take on the basis, but as one of the elements of the thing. It can be a collar or buttons, as well as a bag or any decoration.

Do not forget to focus on the silhouette. Refuse free and cramped clothes. Right trousers, skirts of midi lengths, a simple dress of a dress or a blouse with a smell will be your successful option. Do not forget about the presence of corrective linen. You can, of course, immediately buy a knitwear wholesale, but not every option is suitable for your figure.

A few more small tricks. Heeled shoes will help lose a couple of extra pounds. And the V-shaped neckline is just a find for the magnificent chest that you possess. Now look at yourself in the mirror and enjoy your image.