Living room in green colors – a guarantee of a good mood!

The living room in green colors will become the center of peace for the whole family. Choosing green tones for the room as dominant, we subconsciously want to be a little closer to nature. Man has always been surrounded by these shades, so they are perceived by us as something granted.

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Green living room – how color affects a person?

Permissible and unacceptable colors in the interior of the room

The desire for green can be explained by the desire of a person to always be tuned to a complacent way. Therefore, if you do not have enough positive emotions (and in our time it is far from rare), make the hall in green, and you will never regret your decision. In addition, this shade is wonderful for creating a visually more spacious room, which will always be relevant for small apartments.

But, as always, there are small nuances that are desirable to take into account. Light and pastel colors will act too much relaxing, and this is not very good for the living room. Most likely, such tones are suitable for the bedroom that people suffering from insomnia will appreciate. Well, the pastel can be “weighed” with accents from darker troops.

What can be green shades?

Warm: herbal, verdepom, bright green.

Cool: dark green, jade, Persian green, delicate lime, the color of the Red Sea.

Neutral: mint, moss, “in love”, light green.

In fact, there are much more green tones, and some of them have even more unusual names.

Selection of shades

Psychology of color in the interior

Greens are not as universal as it might seem at first glance. If you are focusing on green wallpapers, then in everything else it is better to arrange in contrast. For example, with any greens looks great clean. He to the maximum neutralizes the “sleepy” effect, perfectly refreshes the interior and makes the room very spacious.

With diluted tones can be done differently. If you want to create an invigorating atmosphere, add a little sunny yellow (for bluish greens) or orange (for pastel) to the interior of the living room in green colors. Blue-green shades are combined with a related “blue”, as well as beige and gray.

Which is better to choose curtains for the living room – green or some other shade – depends on the general “intonation” of the design. Pastel diluted almost kindlated, you can decorate with curtains of any suitable shade. But if the interior is made in deep colors, it will look best, white, white, sandy, pale golden, grayish with silver curtains.

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Which style to choose?

In principle, greens are suitable for all directions, but still there are several designs where it will be most appropriate, and firstly, this is a classic. Of course, this design will be quite expensive, but what effect! You can apply the most interesting noble shades: “moss”, “tea”, “asparagus”. They will look great with bronze accessories, gilded, stucco and furniture made of natural wood, without which the classic cannot be considered a classic. In order to give the living room even more than nobility, greens can be diluted with delicate beige or sharp white. Shika will add tulle from organza and dense curtains with pickups and lambrequin.

But lovers of catchy modern interiors will probably like the fact that green can be combined with theoretically incompatible colors. High-so is a very ambiguous style, so in it, in addition to shiny chrome surfaces, orange-red, yellow and even purple shades can be present. But all the same, this extravaganza is better to dilute with white, and it should be quite a lot. As an option, you can make the interior with a very bright pastel and buy furniture with colored glossy facades.

Well, one more direction is country. The style itself is close to nature, so only natural shades need to be used in it. For example, now the decoration of living rooms with a natural tree is very popular, and with it it will simply magically look like upholstered furniture with green upholstery.

Green is a very universal color that can be either the “first violin” or to be on the “periphery”, emphasizing other shades and helping them to fully open up.