Ideas for combining wallpaper in the living room

In creating the interior of the room, the wall decor plays an important role. Today, designers are in a new way to use such a traditional finishing material as wallpaper. With their help, you can not only glue the walls around the perimeter of the room, but also solve various interior tasks: lighten the room, make it more spacious, highlight certain elements or hide the flaws of layout. However, in addition to achieving these visual effects, the wallpaper is primarily a simple and affordable material for creating a stylish and modern interior. What are the ideas of combining wallpaper in the living room to date?

The principles of wallpaper combining

To begin with, it is worth saying that we are talking not only about the combination of different types of wallpaper among themselves, but also about their use in combination with decorative plaster, paint and other types of wall coatings.

Given the fact that the living room often performs several roles at the same time: premises for family holidays, reception of guests, cabinet, etc. D., The style of its design should be universal, that is, suitable for any of the options for using. Therefore, using the combination of wallpaper, the space can be divided into functional zones, without violating the integral perception of the interior.

Using a combination of several shades and textures, combining plain and colored wallpapers, you can create a truly unique atmosphere, make the room bright and expressive, emphasizing your personality.

Wallpaper can be combined according to a different principle:

choose two or more options to match each other, or on the contrary – contrasting colors. In this case, the shades used should approach the color palette of furniture and other interior items;

Combine several drawings that complement each other, or made in a different style: for example, a combination of floral and geometric patterns, stripes and abstract images looks bold and fresh;

Conformures combining: wallpaper with mother -of -pearl inserts, spraying, silk -screen printing, etc. D. harmonize with plain paper wallpaper neutral, or selected.

Options for combining wallpaper in the living room

If you decide to design the interior of your living room by combining several types of wallpaper, you should carefully consider their combination, taking into account all the factors that affect the formation of the general style of the room. This is the presence of layouts of the layout that I would like to fix, the color and texture of furniture products, the nature of the lighting, the presence of individual zones, etc. D. Of course, not every of us has the makings of the designer. Therefore, for a more confident choice of option for decorating a room, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the development of stylists presented on the Internet, study photos of ready -made interiors – all this will help you more clearly present the result of the alleged changes and acquire wallpaper of the required type in the right amount.

The most common at the moment are the following options for combining wallpaper in the living room:

Vertical. The selected companions wallpapers are glued sequentially in the form of vertical stripes. At the same time, the width of the strips for each type of wallpaper can be different, but it should be sufficient for the picture and texture to be clearly visible. The most successful sequence of gluing is considered, in which two stripes of the same type of wallpaper alternate with one strip of another species. This is how a certain harmony of contrast is achieved, without excessive rally.

Horizontal. With this option, wallpaper is usually combined not with each other, but with other types of coatings, for example, wooden panels or sections of decorative plaster.

Patchwork. The method consists in the use of wallpaper ramps of various sizes to arrange accents in the room. In this way, it is very profitable to emphasize the relief zones in the interior: niches, columns, arches, window openings, etc. D. However, in this case, it is important that the colors and texture of the wallpaper used are combined not only among themselves, but also with other furniture items and interior elements.

Inserts from wallpaper. This option involves the presence of a plain background, which can be performed as wallpaper, so using conventional paint or plaster. Inserts are usually made of wallpaper of the same type, but a combination of several. The difference between this idea of ​​combining wallpaper in the living room and the patchwork method is that the inserts are larger and, as a rule, the same in size.

Some manufacturers have done work for the selection of the most combined companions as possible and created special collections that save the consumer from the need to make such a difficult choice on their own.