Female breast care of traditional medicine.

Female breasts, except for their physiological functions, are still very attractive to men. And for many women, giving a beautiful shape of the breast and caring for it, are very relevant procedures, as well as the installation of bicon implants. After all, over time, the chest loses its former shape and elasticity, but you do not need to be upset about this. The sooner you start to care for the neckline, thereby can ensure the attractiveness of the breast of its freshness, forum and elasticity for many years. But sometimes the procedures in the beauty salons are quite expensive and painful, but there are several ways of folk medicine for caring for a bust.

The easiest way is the cream of oatmeal, ordinary flakes. For its desired cooking, you need to pour two tablespoons of flakes with a glass of good boiling water and insist for fifteen ordinary minutes. Когда образуется белесая жидкость применять ее для обтирания всей поверхности грудей и зоны декольте.  Then remove with a damp tampon or soft towel.

A very effective method for giving elasticity and freshness of the breast is a lotion of herbs. For its preparation, it is necessary to pour a glass of boiling with a teaspoon of crushed chamomile of medical, St. John’s wort, mint and linden color and let it brew for an hour. Then you need to strain the decoction, add fifty grams of alcohol or vodka to it and a teaspoon of glycerol. Place and let it brew in a half -week and the lotion is ready. For use, use a cotton swab with lotion and wrap the entire chest and neckline zone. When the lotion is absorbed, you can take a contrast shower. This is not only pleasant and useful, but also make the chest more elastic and healthier.

In addition, pay special attention to the fact that in order to keep the chest in shape, you must regularly perform physical and active exercises. For example, raise small dumbbells, scales of 1 or 2 kg, if there are no dumbbells, then you can use ordinary bottles of water, believe me, the result will be amazing.  The only rule is that these exercises must be performed regularly, only then you will achieve the long -awaited and very desired result.