Diet allows to drop to 400g per day.

As you know, 80% of women are not satisfied with their weight and 70% of them believe that they have excess weight. On the vast expanses of the Internet, many store shelves, almost all women’s magazines have advice on dropping extra pounds, in all fitness centers there is a special program for those who want to hone their figure and, finally, there are thousands of diets, each of which promises to burn hated kilograms exactly where you want. Nevertheless, for many years to this day the diet remains the most common way in the struggle for the beauty of the body. I think you should not list all the shortcomings of the vast majority of diets, the main of them are a violation of metabolism, deterioration of mood and well -being, a feeling of not saturation and lethargy, fatigue. To avoid all these symptoms of the “wrong diet”, it is necessary that the method of resetting extra pounds is not only fast, but also balanced.

In my desire to lose weight, I tried a variety of diets for many years – a mono diet, in which my diet was only boiled buckwheat, a blood group, Kremlin and many others, but all of them united one – inefficiency – inefficiency. So, for example, I managed to “survive” the buckwheat diet for two days, and I didn’t lose weight during this time, but lethargy appeared, energy disappeared, my mood worsened, and I really like to eat deliciously and it always raised my mood. Armed with my experience, the experience of friends, thematic literature on healthy nutrition, I began to look for my perfect diet. In the process of long searches, I found it.

From the diet I excluded sugar and salt, flour products, various sausages, cheeses, alcohol, butter, “sugar -like” drinks and juices, as well as canned food and the rest of the chemistry.

As you know, breakfast is the only meal that is not postponed on the sides and other parts of the body, since it is quickly consumed completely. In the morning, my diet was a cup of tea (and it doesn’t matter which one, the main thing is without sugar), gale or cracker. Many will be surprised that in the morning I certainly ate a banana – not a dietary product at all. Why? Because the banana is valuable and nutritious, there are a lot of carbohydrates in it, but at the same time the banana is not fat – having eaten it, I had no real feeling of hunger, and I could do without lunch.

Lunch and dinner opened the spaciousness for my imagination – either low -fat kefir (necessarily fresh), a small piece of boiled white meat, cabbage, tomatoes, fruits, boiled rice without salt, boiled broccoli.

With such a diet, on the first day the weight remained the same, and then he began to literally melt – about 400g per day.

Such a diet suits me for every day – it is balanced, not monotonous, it has a wide range of products, I am cheerful and fed.

In conclusion, I want to note that the diet should not be a habit – by dropping a certain amount of kilograms, it is worth fixing the result, and not try to conquer more and more tops of harmony.