Choosing a treadmill for a home

Running paths are an ideal option for those who strive to lose weight or preserve a good figure. You can study at home on these simulators, at the same time you can listen to music or watch TV. However, the convenience of this product is determined by how correctly you choose it.

Types of treadmills

Running paths are of two types of electrical and mechanical. If you decide to buy this simulator, first you need to choose one of two options. Connecting electric paths, such as USA Style SS-T27, is carried out to the network, after which their operation continues automatically, mechanical simulators must be connected independently. Typically, the cost of devices of the 1st type is higher.

To start a mechanical path, you need an effort application, and the faster you want to run or go, the more energy you will have to apply. To stop the stop, you only need to stop the movement. The principle of operation of the mechanical path is closer to the usual run. However, he has certain shortcomings. Firstly, there are no different modes and it is necessary to independently choose the speed of slow or fast. This requires self -discipline and hard self -control. In addition, noise is made with mechanical paths. To prevent this, it is enough for you to purchase a device that slows down on a magnetic principle. At the same time, less sound is made during operation and a smooth movement of the treadmill is ensured.

Electric paths are more suitable for people who need a “personal coach”. On such a simulator, you can choose various running modes, measure the pulse, distance, and also how many calories burned during calorie training. This device can, if desired, can easily be set up independently for your requirements. In addition, if your goal is to get rid of excess weight until a certain period, you can enter data about yourself, and the computer will be compiled for an individual training program. Of course, this is very convenient, but you need to pay for convenience, since the cost of high -quality electric paths is expensive. In addition, we must remember about the constant consumption of electricity.

Nuances of choosing a treadmill

Firstly, you need to pay attention to the dimensions that the tape has. Its width can be 35-55 cm, length 1-1.5 m. The choice of the desired option is determined by your growth and complexion. The narrower and shorter tape, the greater the risk of falling. However, a large tape for an electric path means an increase in electricity consumption.

Strive that the tape is multi -layer and soft, this helps in reducing the load on the joints during running. It is also good if you turn it over, after one of the parties is worn out.