Choosing a Christmas tree for the New Year

New Year is a fabulous and wonderful holiday. On New Year’s Eve, as you know, miracles are performed. Children are waiting for the appearance of gifts under the green beautiful Christmas tree, which Santa Claus should bring. Adults make desires while sitting near the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is one of the main attributes of the New Year holiday.

Today you can still buy and decorate an artificial Christmas tree. Such a beauty can be purchased on the eve of the New Year holidays in any store. You can also choose a beautiful, fluffy, pleasantly smelling living Christmas tree. Live spruce usually begin to bring a day or two to the main holiday.

How to choose the right artificial Christmas tree.

Artificial spruce and pines today can be very diverse. Some are made of shiny twigs and collected as a constructor. There are also trees on sale that just need to straighten the branches attached to a special wire.

When choosing an artificial New Year’s beauty, you should ask the seller to show a quality certificate for the selected product. The Christmas tree should not contain substances that can cause an allergic reaction or harm health. It should be made of quality materials. The design of the Christmas tree should stand well and hard on a flat surface. The Christmas tree should not bend or fall. The color of spruce needles should be uniform and without any flaws and burnt gaps. The Christmas tree should be safe for both adults and small children. When choosing a high Christmas tree, you should take into account the height of the room where it will stand.

How to choose a live Christmas tree right.

Of course, it is better to buy a live Christmas tree for the New Year. She will bring the aroma of spruce to the house and delight all the people who live in the house. Typically, live Christmas trees are bought in the morning of December 31. But, as you know, they can be sold from December 29 or earlier. The time of transportation of trees from the site where they used to grow before. Having calculated all this time, you can understand that the trees have been without special feeding for a long time, and therefore in a warm room they can quickly drop their needles.

In order for the Christmas tree to please people until the end of Christmas and New Year’s holidays, you need to choose it correctly. First you need to take a bar that helps to determine what height the Christmas tree needs to be bought. The height of the tree is measured from the place of the log house to the end of the barrel. The appearance of the branches and needles will tell you a lot about the quality of the tree. If the branches break with a crunch, and the needles fall in large quantities, then the Christmas tree may not even get until the end of the New Year’s dinner and crumble. Branches of wood, good quality, it is very difficult to break. Needles have a bright green color and make a wonderful aroma. The log house should not have dark spots, rot, mold and other damage.

If you are sorry to buy a live Christmas tree and you bought artificial, then in order to decorate the apartment and bring the aroma of spruce to the house, it is enough to decorate the walls with fir branches.