Celandine from warts

The presence of warts on the body, and in particular on the face, does not adorn anyone. Warts do not cause painful sensations in a person, but they create certain inconvenience and do not attract the side from the aesthetic point, but rather, on the contrary.

There are times when warts themselves fall away from the areas of the body where they are located. However, in most cases, you have to get rid of them yourself, choosing one of two possible ways: traditional medicine or official scientific.

In this problem, people will trust traditional medicine more, which has established themselves with unique grandmother’s recipes since time immemorial. And how it turns out not at all in vain. The treatment methodology is painless, effective and much cheaper or generally free than the services of various clinics and specialists.

The folk remedy for warts on the body, including the face, is celandine.

Celandine is a very unpretentious plant and finding it is not as difficult as it might seem. Use its fresh juice to treat warts. It is very important to know that the most effective juice of celandine is bright orange, which is taken from the stem at the root of the celandine.

It is not rare, celandine juice is bred with vinegar and rubbed a wart three to four times a day. For a greater effect, you can still add garlic or onion juice and rub the wart for several minutes with an interval of need for 12 hours.

Although most is suitable and just pure celandine juice, which immediately from a torn stem can be squeezed out to the wart. With such a removal of warts, it may take a little more time, as well as this method is effective with minor lesions.

The effectiveness of celandine has been proven for a long time and sometimes many simply do not add other components to its juice. The celandine is steamed and the juice is squeezed out, it is possible with a slight addition of salt. Having applied this mixture of juice with salt on the affected area, you need to seal with a adhesive plaster and removed in a day, thoroughly rinse, grease with children’s cream and the result of celandine action is noticeable on the second day from the moment of treatment.

The healing properties of celandine are not reduced even when honey, lemon juice and salt are mixed with its juice. Such a mixture can get rid of a wart in a few hours! This mixture is inflicted on the site and leave it until completely dry, and then the adhesive plaster is adjusted and after four to five hours they carefully remove.

The whole secret in the celandine is the main component is juice that effectively eliminate this kind of inflammation, like warts. It cleanses the skin of the whole body well, not only the face. As a rule, after applying celandine juice, the wart acquires a dark color and it all darkens. Blackened places are sometimes neatly cut off for a short time until it disappears from the skin of the body of the body.

Warts are not a sentence, but a temporary problem on the skin, which can be eliminated and the best proven assistant in this is a cleaner.