Beauty and youth recipes. Plaxolifting

The problem of conservation of youth is very acutely disturbed by many women. And in modern cosmetology there are a lot of different methods that answer the question of how to rejuvenate the face and plasmolifting one of them.


Plasmolifting – the procedure of own cell rejuvenation

The introduction of enriched plasma of own blood directly into the structure of the skin triggers the natural mechanisms of its rejuvenation and restoration

This innovative procedure allows you to improve metabolic processes, thanks to it, the cells are actively divided, “wake up”, the synthesis of their own collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid intensify. As a result, we gain a combined effect of rejuvenation and restoration of our own collagen and elastin.

There is no name plasmolifting in European clinics, there this procedure is under the name PRP therapy.

Plasmapheresis of readings and contraindications

Plasmolifting is used both for leaving and maintaining youth, and for treatment. It is very effective for correcting age -related changes, with dry skin, reducing its turgor and elasticity, with the initial manifestations of ptosis and small facial wrinkles, for the restoration of the skin after aggressive cosmetological procedures or burns. For medical purposes, plasmolifting is successfully used for acne and post -acne. Plasmotherapy of the face and head are indicated with alopecia and hair loss (both in men and women), with scarves and stretch marks.

Like any other cosmetic procedure plasmolifting has a number of contraindications:

Pregnancy, lactation

Acute skin diseases

Blood diseases

The weakness of immunity (immunosuppressive states)

Oncological diseases (also overcome)

Allergy to anticoagulants

The instability of the psyche

There is also a list of prohibited products, drugs and what cannot be done before and after plasmolifting.

To the procedure:

For 2-3 days it is forbidden to take anticoagulants (heparin, aspirin, t.D.)

a day before the procedures, no alcohol can be consumed

If you had herpetic rashes, it is important to warn a doctor


It is not recommended to use decorative cosmetics during 12:00 after the procedure

It is forbidden to visit the sauna, the pool within 3 days

Within a week after the procedure, visiting a solarium and a long stay in the sun is prohibited

Immediately after the procedure, redness of the skin can be observed, which passes within 2-3 hours, swelling or micro-hematomas that disappear after 1-2 days can also be possible. The full restorative period is 2-3 days.

The duration of the plasmolifting session is 1 hour.

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