About children’s winter shoes separate conversation

For their beloved crumbs, parents try to buy all the best, beautiful and high -quality: products, toys, clothes … The life of a little man passes in motion, his full development is inconceivable without walking in the fresh air and games. And you won’t go on the ground or asphalt with bare feet today: it is dangerous for health. You can’t run in the snow and slush. So, comfortable, torture, functional shoes are needed.

Winter shoes for children are required to carefully choose: to look closely at the material from which it was made, to explore the strength, to select the desired style. After all, the child to walk in her season, and kids do not yet know how to store things. The decision on what to stop the choice remains for the parents.

Children grow rapidly, and in order to save shoes, they acquire them for growth. The size of the size should not exceed 1.5 cm. Comfortable boots in the middle are insulated with fur, the leg in them will not freeze without 3 pairs of warm socks. A large distance between the walls of the shoe and the foot will create a cold layer, cooling the feet. Another minus: too big shoes make the legs unstable, the baby will often lose balance. There will be a persistent unwillingness to walk independently.

The sole of good shoes is easily bending, which will ensure convenience when walking: the foot also bends. Thermolastoplast is ideal from the material. He is durable, does not slip, his corrugated shape will protect the child on slippery ice.

Pay attention to the connection of the sole with the top. Frequent sloping days in winter and autumn can provoke shoes that. It is better if the sole is firmly welded or it can be flashed and glued.

The choice of shoes for each child is individual. Someone is enough for one pair of winter boots for walking in a stroller, and the other blows two strong leather boots, because he likes to run and play, for example, children’s winter boots with a membrane will only come active comrades. The presence of a membrane makes them waterproof, it gives current air, ventilating the shoes inside. With low mobility, its functionality decreases. Much depends on the quality of the membrane. And do not forget that even the best membrane will not save shoes from moisture in which no puddle is missing.

Stuffy boots will not warm the legs in winter. They will not save from moisture. Do not walk in them for a long time, and it is better to additionally put socks on your feet.

Leather boots on fur are the most familiar. “Breathe”, warm well, aesthetic and reliable. When processing shoe creams, they will last a long time.

Insulated multi -layer snowbuses to like many babies and mothers. Although they are rubberized, they are not afraid of frost. They are considered off -season shoes.

For frosts, they still came up with the non -strokes, felt boots – the choice is rich. Everything for the convenience of your kids.