4 reasons to buy an electric car for a child

The market for children’s electric vehicles is pleasantly crowded: on the remote control, popular automaries, different types of vehicles. Models vary in value and manufacturers. There will be an option for any price category.

To understand the variety and breadth of the model range of children’s electric vehicles, look at . There is almost everything there. It remains only to understand why the car is a child.

Manufacturers say: entertainment. Yes, an electric car for the baby is a toy. Dear, but still just a machine. Why buy expensive children’s transport, if you can buy ordinary cars 10 times cheaper? After all, the same games.

one. Study of traffic rules

The main trump card of the pseudo -mass – the study of the rules of the road. Your child is only 3 years old, and he already knows how to cross the road, where the driver should stop, why a traffic light of 3 colors. In the game, the baby will receive all the necessary behavior skills on the road both from the side of the driver and from the side of the pedestrian. This is much better than a boring dictation about traffic rules after 5 years at school.

2. Preparation for adult driving

The child will grow up and for him it will have the norm to have a car. Without this, nowhere in the modern world. You will teach him to care for his car, drive, follow the rules on the road. This game resembles games-training for adulthood along with the game “daughter-mother”.

3. Knowledge of brands

In some cases, such information is useless, but only if your child does not grow a motorist. Following the example of dad, the baby will find out who produces cars, their cost, possibilities. In the future, this will come in handy if the work is connected with the auto world.

four. Attentiveness

Speaking of specific skills, the baby-driver develops attentiveness and concentration. When driving, albeit toy, you need to monitor many parameters. This is a kind of game-player, but in the real world.

Is there “against”?

Negative aspects of buying a children’s machine appear when parents’ unwillingness to find other entertainment. If the baby drives only on his car and refuses to run and jump, then you need to find an interest in addition to an electric car so that mobility does not suffer.

And follow the materials. Turning to the manufacturers, make sure that the car is from environmentally friendly raw materials.